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Introducing ConnectiveRx:
Who we are, what we do
and how we can help.

ConnectiveRx was formed in late 2015 by bringing together PSKW, pioneers in affordability solutions, and PDR, innovators in advanced adherence communications products. We continue to be the home of the PDR, trusted by healthcare professionals to deliver credible drug information for over 70 years. ConnectiveRx brings industry leadership from pharma services, e-prescribing network services, retail pharmacy and commercial payers to deliver affordability and adherence solutions excellence. We work with over 150 pharmaceutical manufacturers and serve hundreds of brands at all stages of the product lifecycle. We connect patients, prescribers and pharmacists to power the connective medication journey.


Our market-leading expertise in designing, implementing and optimizing affordability solutions has helped millions of eligible patients

Our connected health communications network reaches more than 800,000 prescribers, over 77,000 pharmacists and approximately 190 million patients

Our advanced analytics services analyze our 2 billion+ annual prescription and affordability transactions to provide clients with information to design, optimize and manage programs throughout the lifecycle of the brand

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Connect with the right
prescribers, create
demand and get patients
on therapy.

We help brands introduce new products and grow their markets by creating awareness and demand. Behavior-informed messaging and targeted acquisition programs find the right patients and help them get started on therapy.

We connect your brand with prescribers, pharmacists and patients before, during and after healthcare encounters both inside and outside of EHR and pharmacy clinical workflow to support product availability and patient access.


Introducing your brand to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients across channels

Reach more than 300,000 active prescribers within their EHR

Inform over 800,000 prescribers and 77,000 pharmacists via email

Communicate with more than 100,000 prescribers via mobilePDR

Deliver personalized education to over 190 million patients via their prescribers and pharmacists

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Customize patient
access programs that
help patients start and
continue medications.

We help brands increase access to therapies for eligible patients by providing the means to make medications more affordable both at the pharmacy counter and via buy-and-bill reimbursement services. We foster uptake of affordability offers by communicating with prescribers, pharmacists and patients through multiple channels including pharma representatives, EHR e-prescribing, text-to-patient, online access and pharmacy dispensing workflow systems. We provide data-driven insights to help design, manage and optimize messaging and affordability programs.


Ensuring your brand is accessible to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and eligible patients across channels

Over 791,000 prescribers have used ConnectiveRx affordability programs

First-fill rates increased by 4% to 6% with ConnectiveRx messaging and affordability programs

A recent ConnectiveRx adherence study of over 1.3 million patients showed patients using coupons filled an average of 8.9 scripts vs. 5.0 scripts for non-coupon patients

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Identify and reconnect
with non-adherent and
lapsed patients to drive
compliance and persistency.

We help brands at all stages of the lifecycle to drive medication adherence. We start by engaging the prescriber and help motivate patients to fill their prescriptions by delivering personalized information in their prescriber’s office, in the pharmacy, at home and beyond to improve compliance and persistency. We reconnect with lapsed patients in the pharmacy and at home to restart therapy. The utilization of dispensed and refill data from our connected network allows for personalized messaging to support treatment based on the patient’s adherence status.


Encouraging patients to stay adherent to your brand by providing motivation and access tools at the right time

Demonstrated to increase overall prescriptions by 2% to 5% or more after the first fill

Send personalized refill and restart education from the pharmacy to patients at home

Deliver personalized education with drive-to-fill and refill messages to over 190 million patients via their prescribers and pharmacists

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Design, manage and
optimize programs
using the power of
connected analytics.

We utilize advanced analytic tools and current behavioral information from our connected network to plan, manage and optimize communication and affordability programs all along the medication journey. These proprietary tools along with market intelligence and deep therapeutic expertise allow us to deliver unmatched insights and consultation. Our business intelligence platform enables users to quickly consume, analyze and react to the key factors that impact their business through a number of smart visualizations and interactive reports.


Providing current program performance and actionable analytics:

Program, offer and channel optimization

Forecasting modules

Campaign impact

Marketing insights

Custom analytics

Advanced analytic services

Client reporting and advanced insights portal

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Get the latest from ConnectiveRx

ConnectiveRx drives innovation in patient access and prescriber engagement. We connect patients, prescribers and pharmacists in workflow and beyond to power the connective medication journey. Learn from the opinion leaders at ConnectiveRx, the go-to people in their fields of expertise, who inspire us with their innovative ideas.

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Providing feedback to prescribers regarding patients' use of copay programs


Prescribers' focus on patient out-of-pocket drug cost


Five imperatives for coupon and copay program success: A compendium from the thought leaders at ConnectiveRx


Introducing the Connective Medication Journey: This journey creates an actionable adherence model for brand teams


Reduce patient out-of-pocket costs: Ensuring patients can afford your medication is the first step to improving medication adherence

Info sheet

Introducing ConnectiveRx: We simplify how people get and stay on medications by providing information, savings and access

Info sheet

Patient Copay Inform: A ConnectiveRx solution to enhance brand affordability programs and help increase adherence

Info sheet

Prescriber Copay Inform: A ConnectiveRx solution to enhance brand affordability programs and help increase adherence

Info sheet

PDR by ConnectiveRx: PDR has become the Prescribers' Digital Reference

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Meet the team

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Learn about working at ConnectiveRx

The ConnectiveRx purpose is to simplify how people get and stay on medications by providing information, savings and access. We hire talented, innovative people who want to contribute to helping prescribers, pharmacists and patients by providing education, information and affordability services throughout the patient’s ongoing medication journey.

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Corporate Headquarters

The Crossings at Jefferson Park
200 Jefferson Park
Whippany, NJ 07981
Toll free: 888-227-6469
Phone: 908-809-6100

Blue Bell, PA

480 Norristown Road, Suite 100
Blue Bell, PA 19422

Newport Beach, CA

4343 Von Karman, Suite 150
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Pittsburgh, PA

400 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

St Louis, MO

10845 Olive
Boulevard, Suite 308
St Louis, MO 63141

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